Farewell Hockley Lake!

I wanted to give an update on our life. As some of you know, we’ve been on one big, long adventure. We’ve homesteaded off-grid for the past 37 years. The last 17 have been spent alone in the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan on remote Hockley Lake.

Wilderness River North of Our Off-grid Homestead

Wilderness River North of Our Off-grid Homestead

We’ve been on the cusp of a major change. We have one more adventure in life before we hit the checkout counter and that is to move to Nova Scotia, somewhere on or close to the ocean, to start over again and build a new off-grid homestead from scratch. The last 6 months have been spent packing and preparing.

We’ve Been Busy!

Our move is atypical. Not only do we have to pack an entire house worth of stuff, but everything needs to be lugged down to the lake, loaded on a plane and then flown out to a float plane base where it’s offloaded and made ready for the move across the country.

I’ve written many posts on our new website walking the prospective as well as seasoned homesteader step by step through the many things that need to be considered for an off-grid homesteading lifestyle. They were easy posts for us to write not only because we could tap into our many years of experience but also because the thoughts and ideas we posted are fresh on our minds as we seek another place to build our new and final homestead.

Wilderness River North of Our Off-grid Homestead

Wilderness River North of Our Off-grid Homestead

We invite everybody to visit this website and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OffGridAndFree.MyPathToTheWilderness/   for updates so you can take the new journey with us. We will utilize our years of experience to start over once again and build from the ground up. You can be a part of the process.

I hope everybody has a good spring and summer. Ours will be a challenge.

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6 Responses to Farewell Hockley Lake!

  1. Margy Lutz says:

    Wayne and I wish the best in finding new land in the perfect location for you new homestead. Nova Scotia is beautiful. I know you will have another great adventure in the new location. We’ll follow along so we can learn more as well. – Wayne and Margy from “Up the Lake”

    • Ron Melchiore says:

      Thank you Margy for the well wishes! The big search is on and we have a tough decision upcoming on what piece of property to start anew. We hope there is resolution within a few more weeks and then we start the process of getting started with vigor. We’ll keep everybody up to date as soon as we get things sorted. I hope you both are well!

  2. Markleys says:

    I read your article and commend you for the hard work. We started 34 years ago on our journey. Not off grid though. Loss of my husbands coal mining job had us purchase a rundown 54 acre farm. We knew we could not survive in town. So many trials and errors. But now find ourselves in the midst of old age. But wouldn’t have traded for anything else.
    Can’t imagine starting over. You have our prayers and best wishes. Please keep us all posted and good health to you! (From WV)

    • Ron Melchiore says:

      Hello West Virginia. I really appreciate the time you took to write us. We will have an updated post coming within the next week. You can also pop in on my Facebook page for other update posts.

      Like you, we wouldn’t trade the lifestyle and adventure for anything. Sadly, the old age creeps up on us all and it will be quite the job to get started again. Fortunately, most of the mistakes and learning are behind us so it should be a straight forward job to get started again. Johanna and I still have a high level of giddy up left in us and we should be OK.

      We wish you both well and thank you for following along on this new chapter in our life. All the best! Ron

  3. doug says:

    came across your adventure on you tube and was very very impressed, as I read your article I found out that u were moving to ns. I too am from ns and very interested in off grid, I live in Halifax but have property in bridgewater and cape Breton. I wish u guys all the luck and hope u have great times here !

    • Ron Melchiore says:

      Hello Doug,
      Thank you so much for the nice comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the videos. Please follow along on our adventure and if you have specific questions or would like us to make a post addressing a specific topic, feel free to drop us another note. We’ll be happy to help you on your way to off grid freedom. I have no doubt we will have a great time in our new location but the black flies currently are quite brutal. It will be interesting to see how long they are around. We hope they taper off as soon as possible. As a side note… Please stay tuned. I will be doing a book reading/signing in Sheet Harbour tentatively scheduled for Sept 30 and there may be another later in the fall at Musquodoboit Harbour Library. Who knows, maybe other libraries will have us in too. I hope we can get together at one of these events. Until then, all the best Doug! Ron

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