Remote Lake Front Home                      Aerial View    
                                  Paradise in a Wilderness Reserve!

       Two story home located in the Northern Saskatchewan Wilderness. This one of a kind property is accessible
only by float plane. If you have a sense of adventure, enjoy solitude and seek a more peaceful lifestyle, or desire a solitary vacation getaway, this is your dream come true.

super-insulated, well built home is located in the new Provincial Wilderness Reserve. The area is slated to be forever wilderness. No new development or leases will be granted which makes this existing lease all the more valuable.

       The house is approximately 1,600 sq. feet and consists of living room, dining room, kitchen/pantry and craft room on the top floor. A storage room, bathroom, utility room, bedroom and work shop comprise the lower level. The craft room and workshop could easily be converted to bedrooms for a total of three bedrooms if desired.

        There is a screened porch attached to the second floor overlooking the lake to the South and East. A favorite past time in the summer is sitting in the porch swing while listening to the loons and watching the world go by. The dining room and living room both have large picture windows and overlook the lake to the South. There is wall to wall carpet in the living room and bedroom, with vinyl in the rest of the house. All windows are triple glazed.

        An attached greenhouse allows early gardening. Eat salads before the snow is off the ground. There are separate gardens of established strawberries, asparagus and assorted other berries as well as an herb garden and large vegetable garden complete with removable hoop houses for earlier planting. A young apple orchard is planted. Outbuildings consists of a storage shed and large wood shed.

         Hiking opportunities, wildlife and nature abound. Moose, caribou, fox, black bear, marten, hare and lynx are some of the animals seen. Birds of all kinds are found here including owls, eagles and osprey. This clean, clear water lake has abundant trout and northern pike. Land consists of a recreational crown lease, garden lease and dock. Lease and fees are approximately $ 342 /year and taxes are approximately
$ 648 /year.

                                 EXTRAS AND FEATURES

                               PHOTO GALLERY (click picture to enlarge)

                     Plane Docking                    Front of House

                     Kitchen view from Dining area                      Living Room View from Dining area

                     Dining area view from Living room                      Cookstove and craft room in background

                     Partial downstairs of stove and shower                      Partial downstairs and utility area

                     view down the lake                      Northern Pike

                     Garden from porch landing                     Greenhouse

                                                                       Garden, House and Outbuildings

                        Yours for only $209,000.                                                                 
   (For those cost conscious wishing to do it themselves, we can offer a basic solid structure with most fixtures removed and you can refurbish as you see fit. Cost $149,000)

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