Alternative Methods to Weed Control

I know this post is coming a little late to be useful this year but I’m hoping this post will be helpful next growing season for all gardeners and homeowners who wrestle with weed control. Unless weeds are dealt with in some fashion throughout the spring and summer growing season, they will quickly overwhelm all efforts to grow lawns, flowers and in our case, vegetables. And then in the fall, they have a natural tendency to reseed themselves. There are many alternative methods to weed Control!

Some Unpicked Weeds Around Apple Trees

Some Unpicked Weeds Around Apple Trees

Let me ask you this. Have you ever noticed the similarity between a weed and a cat? What’s the one trait in common? It’s a natural instinct they share. Can anybody guess?

Ever hear of the cat righting reflex? There’s been a lot of study about it. This is true now. I’m not pulling your leg on this. The cat has an innate sense of being able to land on it’s feet regardless of the situation. They somehow can twist and contort their body so that they are able to land feet first. See where I’m going with this?

Weed Control

Surely we’ve all pulled weeds. Ever pull a weed and toss it aside only for it to land back down on its root. Come back a few days later and that sucker has rerouted itself and is thriving again. Especially after a rain. There’s no physics principles that can explain this phenomenon. The only thing that makes sense to me is that the weeds internal gyroscope is programmed for ROOT DOWN.

We have pulled a lot of weeds over the years and we’ve done a pile of mulching for weed control. And I even fire up the string trimmer and pulverize the weeds to bare soil. But the one thing we’ve never done is use herbicides such as roundup around the garden or house.

Glyphosate Alternatives

I recently received an email from an organization dedicated to healthier living. I have never heard of this group. I have no affiliation with this group. I was simply asked to read what they have to say about the herbicide roundup (glyphosate) and I was pleased that the article was straight forward on the health concerns of using products like roundup. Better was the majority of the page listed many natural alternatives to weed control. Basic stuff like using vinegar or boiling water. Some things I’ve honestly never knew existed like corn gluten and natural oils for weed control.

I found the information quite educational and there’s a few tricks I plan to try such as boiling water. I wanted to pass the site on to you for a browse since whether you garden or have a lawn, weeds can be counted on to sprout every year and anything we can do to make the battle simpler and environmentally friendly is a noble cause.

Here’s the website.  I’m curious. Any tricks you’ve used that we might add to the mix? 

Until next time, keep the dream alive! We wish you a great day!

Ron and Johanna

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2 Responses to Alternative Methods to Weed Control

  1. Pam says:

    Hi there! I use white vinegar, salt and some dish soap in a spray bottle and it knocks all weeds out! Safe around our animals and birds and us humans of course.

    • Ron & Johanna Melchiore says:

      Thanks Pam. That’s another thing we and others can try. I’m guessing the dish soap acts as the sticking agent to the leaf surface? Can you be more specific on the vinegar to salt ratio. For a gallon of vinegar, how much salt is added? Thanks again.

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